sketch@work FlipChart

sketch@work FlipChart

From: Neuland

Item no. 8309.0230

A multi-functioning flipchart ideal for visualizing, presenting, and as a meeting area. Board surface rotates (90°), tilts (180°), and is height-adjustable.


Product information "sketch@work FlipChart"

Introducing our latest innovation: the sketch@work is a multi-purpose flipchart that will serve you in many different situations. This height-adjustable flipchart features a sophisticated rotation and tilt technology that allows you to choose different board options. From the classic portrait and practical landscape formats, it can effortlessly move into the perfect flatter drawing position (similar to a drawing board), or even into a conference table that you can write on! (Ideal for the World-Café method).

Other Features:
- mobile base with 5 lockable casters
- magnetic board surface
- foldable built-in marker tray
- adjustable paper-holder

Technical Details:
Steel construction, powder-coated in silver metallic (similar to RAL 9007 grey aluminium)

Vertical position:
Total size: W 72 x H 160-190 x D 63 cm / W 28 x H 62-74 x D 24 inches
Board: W 72 x H 103,5 x D 2,7 cm / W 28 x H 40.7 x D 1 inches
Working surface: W 72 x H 91 cm / W 28 x H 36 inches

Horizontal position:
Total size: W 103,5 x H 150-190 x D 63 cm / W 40.7 x H 59-74 x D 24 inches
Board: W 103,5 x H 72 cm / W 40.7 x H 28 inches
Working surface: W 91 x H 72 cm / W 36 x H 28 inches

Table Position:
H: approx. 110-140 cm / H: approx. 43-55 inches

Weight: 20 kg / 44 lbs 

FlipChart Type Mobile FlipCharts
Board Version Others
Features Set-up without tools, Portrait & Landscape, Height-adjustable
Casters inclusive

Available downloads:

Download sketch@work.pdf

Customer evaluation "sketch@work FlipChart"

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From: Omar 2016-06-24 23:08:45

Nice Product, missing the whiteboard feature

I really like the product. I see it very useful, however, for the price and materials, it could have a whiteboard feature. If you add the whiteboard feature, it is the perfect product for me.

Nice job!

From: Mara Callaert 2015-11-20 12:40:01

Great and flexible product

Love this product.
sadly it's not ment to transport....

From: Greg 2015-07-30 17:57:53

Great invention!

This is the best flipchart I've ever used! Its flexibility and solid construction are top on the market.

It's a must have for every creative mind!

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