bikablo® icons

bikablo® icons

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Visualize your thoughts then draw word pictures with ready-made pictograms of the most expressive motifs from the bikablo® visual vocabulary. The icons range from 120 symbol cards, 30 action, and 60 emotion cards encased in a practical smart durable case!


Product information "bikablo® icons"

The individual visual cue cards are an excellent resource in assisting the process of visual thinking in meetings and workshops. With tag words noted on the back of each card your participants can use them to provide feedback; whilst encouraging them to form their own creative ideas for a more dynamic environment. The icon cards are made from sturdy card stock with a hole at the top to comfortably pin them onto a pinboard. Comes complete with Neuland markers all within a smart durable case!

120 Symbol Cards from the Visual Facilitating practice and the training of the Kommunikationslotsen
30 Action Cards - Easy to draw images carrying out typical activities and are designed in such a way that they can be easily combined with the symbols
60 Emotion Cards (30 positive/30 negative). Illustrate a wide array of common feelings and relationship dynamics
30 Blank Cards: Create your own specific visual language cards.

Set Includes:
Detailed instruction manual
5 register cards 
2 Neuland No.One® Marker (grey and orange) 
1 Neuland No.One® Outliner
smart durable case 

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Technical details: 
Cards made from quality card stock with the option to pin with pre-formed holes.
Novario® Box made from cardboard

Case Dimensions: W 22.5 x H 13.5 cm x D 7.5 cm / W 9 x H 5 x D 3 inches
ISBN: 978-3-940315151

Copyright Notice:
bikablo® icons and the contents of this supplementary booklet are protected by copyright. You may copy them and use them for your work. However you are not permitted to reproduce the image material photo-mechanically or digitally or to use it in printed or digital publication (brochures, books, Internet etc.).


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