bikablo® posters

bikablo® posters

From: Neuland

Item no. 8019.4000

10 ready-to-use poster templates for presentations on flipchart, individual workshops or training design and even better results!


Product information "bikablo® posters"

The professional flipchart-sized template posters are designed as a visual head-start when organizing a meeting. The 10 templates will guide you to clearly communicate an endless variety of meeting topics including: welcome, agenda, feedback, next steps, etc... A helpful instructional manual is included to get you started!

Get the most out of your bikablo® posters:
- Use the transparency sheet with a whiteboard marker over the posters to keep your original template intact.
- Copy the poster drawings onto a separate sheet of flipchart paper. This also allows you to add in some of your own ideas. 

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10 bikablo® posters (2 of each)
1 booklet with professional tips & tricks
2 Neuland No.One® WhiteboardMarker with wedge nib (black and red)
1 Transparency sheet
1 Carrying transport tube

68 x 96 cm / 26.7 x 37.8 inches


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