Neuland BigOne® Outliner, wedge nib

Neuland BigOne® Outliner, wedge nib

From: Neuland

Item no. 8042.0010

The Outliner BigOne! The specialized water-based ink formula that won’t smear or smudge when other markers go over it!


Product information "Neuland BigOne® Outliner, wedge nib"

The Outliner BigOne is a musthave marker to ensure your bold lines and eye-catching visuals don’t blur or get muddy when other colours are added.

This unique marker can be refilled up to 11 times with one Outliner refill ink bottle. 

Technical details:
Material: PP/PE
water-based permanent ink, refillable
wedge nib, line width: 6-12 mm

Model BigOne
Unit single
Nib wedge nib
Use on Paper
Ink permanent

Customer evaluation "Neuland BigOne® Outliner, wedge nib"

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From: Jeannel King 2014-01-25 15:20:00


I used to make these out of empty BigOnes and outliner ink refills...SO glad I can buy them now! Easy to use, great for strong black lines, and minimized bleeding when you go over them with another color. The Outliner series is the ONLY black marker I use any more, and the BIgOne is a welcome addition!

From: Mara Callaert 2013-11-22 08:39:00


super product!!

From: Dan Klyn 2013-11-14 08:53:00


If you have any qualms about international ordering with Neuland I can tell you that my shipment to Michigan in the USA did *not* incur any import duties, and the goods came to me within 4 days of placing the order. The products are un-beatable and I will be ordering again, although the fact that these markers are refillable means the interval until my next order will be tortuously long.

From: Raquel Benmergui 2013-10-28 17:23:00


Finally! Does not give complete coverage at certain angles.

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