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Carrying Bag for EuroFlip® FlipChart
Carrying Bag for EuroFlip® FlipChart
Carrying bag for the transport of a EuroFlip® FlipChart.
Item no.: 8202.0700
With this trendy bag you will be able to transport your Urban Flipchart save and with style.
Item no.: 8202.0500
Flipchart Extendable Arm
Flipchart Extendable Arm
Practical paperholder for flipchart paper.
Item no.: 0800.0200
Universal FlipChart Paper Holder
Universal FlipChart Paper Holder
Give yourself the flexibility to access the functionality of flipchart by simply attaching...
Item no.: 0100.0111
Carrying Bag for boards
Carrying Bag for boards
The bag with functional zippers for foldable pinboards (MC) or flipcharts allows you to...
Item no.: 8202.0000
To hold the pages of your FlipChart ProjectBook.
Item no.: 8074.0160
Replacement Paper for ProjectBook
Replacement Paper for ProjectBook
Spiral replacement-pad for the ProjectBook.
Item no.: 8105.0101
FlipChart ProjectBook
The ProjectBook is our latest innovation to help you make the most of your flipchart.
Item no.: 8105.0000
TableTop Carrying Bag
The durable TableTop Carrying Bag ensures you transport your TableTop or TableTop XL safely.
Item no.: 8200.0312
EuroFlip® Casters
Practical, smooth caster wheels for when you need your EuroFlip® to move around with ease.
Item no.: 0812.0000
Professional Casters
The Professional Casters are designed specifically for the Professional 3000 FlipCharts.
Item no.: 0808.0000
EuroFlip® Strapband
Rubber band with two steel clamps intended for use on the EuroFlip® FlipChart!
Item no.: 0800.0000
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